We’re helping communities grow by crowdfunding proven business models.

CrowdFranchise is rethinking franchise funding. What if it were easier to fund your own independent business? What if it were easier for more people to participate in businesses with proven success rates?

We’ve answered these questions using today’s technology to enhance yesterday’s franchising structure.

CrowdFranchise, a 506(c) crowdfunding platform, helps relieve the financial burden of opening a business. It gives you, your friends and your neighbors the ability to fund the right business for your area as an online community with an innovative crowdfunding solution. By allowing potential owners to crowdfund existing and new brands that are the right fit for their neighborhood, we think we can make communities a better place.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • We are the founders of “community-owned” franchising – encouraging partnerships with an innovative crowdfunding solution.
  • We want to become a leader in community growth, economic development and job creation.
  • We believe that community, opportunity and innovation are the solutions to funding franchises, opening independent businesses and helping people thrive.