On CrowdFranchise, you can raise the capital you need to open your own independent franchise business. With the support of a franchisor, you can help your community’s economy and job creation grow.

Existing or prospective business owners of franchise concepts create crowdfunding campaigns on CrowdFranchise that they think would best fit their neighborhood or community. Owners have the options to open, sell or remodel an existing or new business on our platform.

Either the Owner or another designated representative is considered the operating manager or franchisee, and must be committed to run and maintain the business once funding is complete.

Becoming a business owner on CrowdFranchise is rewarding, effective and simple:



You should have adequate business experience, and a credit check and background check will be completed prior to creating a campaign on CrowdFranchise. We take several factors into consideration for our campaigns, including market, brand, team and exit strategy.



Choose an existing or new brand to create a detailed campaign, and create offering documents from the templates we provide.



Share your campaign with your friends and spread the word to reach your fundraising goal!

Getting started


It’s free for you to start your account, apply to be an owner on CrowdFranchise, and build your own business profile.

Initial Setup


The initiation fee will be charged only after your campaign has been approved and has launched. This includes the first month’s subscription fee.

Ongoing Subscription


A subscription fee of $99 is charged for every month your campaign is live on our website after the first month.